Acorn Computers produced hardware which, naturally, came with its own documentation. And Acornsoft, its software arm, brought out a whole host of programs on cassette for the Acorn Electron. A number of 'specialist' books for the computer were also produced by Adder Publishing, which was Acornsoft's publishing arm.

These books, which are now regretfully long out of print, included the ACORN ELECTRON ADVANCED USER GUIDE, BASIC ROM USER GUIDE and ELECTRON SERVICE MANUAL. In a bizarre marketting move, the User Guides to the FORTH and LISP programs were sold separately to the cassettes.

Also in this section you will find the details of a book entitled COMAL ON THE BBC MICROCOMPUTER AND ACORN ELECTRON. As yet, no program to accompany this book has been unearthed (either on disc or ROM) and it may be that the COMAL language for the Electron was never released. (If you know differently, please contact the webmaster!)