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Mainly publishes: Arcade Games
Best Known Game: Galexvaders
Number of titles released by this publisher: 1
Number of titles currently available: 1
Archive Status: Complete

Computer Gamer was a multi-format magazine run by Argus Press from early 1984 to early 1986. The magazine is rather difficult to find - and we have only located one issue for our own collection. However, the 26 Computer Gamer magazines included a number of type-in programs for the BBC/Electron.

Fortunately, whilst we may not have a complete archive of the magazines, the World of Spectrum website does. Using their scans, Dave E was able to type up the programs in April 2009 to produce the Computer Gamer Collection disc. This is the first item in this catalogue, because it contains every program that was published in Computer Gamer.

The individual programs that complement a particular issue of a magazine are also available as separate disc images. Whilst these are clearly superfluous to requirements if you download the Computer Gamer Collection disc, they do illustrate the quality of the programs and may also be useful to someone looking to find a particular game quickly.


1. Alphabet Collector
2. Crunchback
3. Dungeon Quest
4. F.A. Cup Trail
5. Galex-Vaders
6. Gamer Quest Adventure
7. Helpful Harry
8. Hippo Quest
9. Hungry Henrietta
10. King's Quest Adventure
11. Kitchen Capers
12. Mechanic Mike
13. Minefield
14. Moon Buggy
15. Rock Race
16. Snake Maze
17. The Miner
18. The Moonstone Of Arkra

Review by Electron User Group (EUG)
Stated Compatibility:
BBC B/B+/Master 128


Disc Type(s):
Companion Disc Of Programs From Magazine
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Release Information:
2009*: COMPUTER GAMER COLLECTION, Computer Gamer, £Free*
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5.25" Disc
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