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Written By Mike Chilton

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Put your knowledge of Europe to the test by answering the multiple choice questions on population, currency, language, famous people, large towns, etc, within the time limit.

The Program

The program first prompts for your name and displays the main, full colour map of Europe.

The first question in a set gives you an inset map of one of the countries, with an arrow indicating its position on the main map, and asks you to identify it from a choice of four. Subsequent questions in the set ask about the country.

Questions include the population, currency, language, famous people and large towns. Each is again presented as a multiple choice question.

When four questions have been asked on a particular country, the program selects another at random and asks about that.

At the end of a set, your score is given as a percentage. You can view your score during the test by pressing ESCAPE when the program says "Press any key for the next question".