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Written By P. A. Morgan

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Crush the boulders and squash the mutant Krackats as they scavenge for food amongst the rotting ruins. Only the fittest can survive in the land. Features rebounding boulders.


During the period of years from 2001 to 2003, a third world war took place. It was terminated by a massive nuclear bomb. The effect of the explosion and radioactive storm which followed was not restricted to the super powers; its effects were felt all over the world.

The devastation caused resulted in a new life for the world's inhabitants - that of primitive caveman. In this now desolate landscape the only creature to survive is the 'Krackat', a mutated turtle-like creature whose only diet is that of human flesh! Your only hope of survival is to kill the ever increasing number of Krackats. You perform this by pushing the pieces of rock (which form the maze walls) onto the Krackats.

Background radiation is rising, thus you must complete your task before the rocks disintegrate or you die of radiation sickness.

On the second and third screen, the bonus rocks have special functions.

A boulder will move unless it is blocked by another rock, in which case the boulder will be crushed instead. Boulders will bounce back towards you if you miss a Krackat.

Crushing the green rocks results in bonus points scored. Do not attempt to move a rock which contains a bomb, since this may start another holocaust!

The Krackats develop from eggs, so you may be able to kill them before they hatch!

A bonus caveman is awarded at 6,000 points.

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, * - Up, ? - Down, RETURN - Push/Crumble
S/O - Sound On/Off, DELETE/COPY - Freeze/Restart

Alternatively, you may use a joystick.