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Written By A. W. Halse

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Skid round hairpin bends, cutting up the competition and rebounding off the barriers. A one or two player racing game featuring six different circuits, oil patches, selectable number of laps and variable skid.

Stock Car is a car racing game for one or two players with a choice of six different circuits to race around, variable skid (0-99%), selectable number of laps (1-40) and oil patches. The computer controls the two yellow cars (three in the one player game).

Each car has four gears and the race starts with the cars in neutral. Your gear and the number of completed laps are displayed at the top of the screen as well as your speed in the form of a horizontal bar. In each gear, you have a different acceleration and top speed. Remember to go down to first or second gear if you crash.

Game Controls

  Red Car Green Car
Change up Q @
Change down A *
Steer left Z DELETE
Steer right X COPY