Let's Compute Logo
For Users Of All Classic 8-Bit Machines
Publisher: Argus Press Publications
Active: 1990-1991
Frequency: Monthly
Archive Status: Assumed Complete

Publisher: Europress
Archive Status: Complete
Let's Compute came at the very end of the Acorn Electron's shelf life, and many would probably say Europress need not have bothered with it. The magazine was strictly child's play, and although its 'club disc' did contain some nice programs, the articles and features found within its pages were unsophisticated.

The ethos of the magazine was to teach children how to program by means of 'fun', worked mathematical examples - and computer programs which also did the same job. It had comic strips (which were not funny), drawing competitions and reviews of Archimedes games. Only the vaguest of references were made to the Electron. This no doubt infuriated those who subscribed to it because it was promoted in the last ever issue of the beloved Electron User with a whole host of promises.

The eleven issues of Let's Compute are now extremely difficult to find. Presumably those subscribers it had picked up through Electron User deserted it in their droves when their subscriptions expired at number twelve.

This page currently showcases only the front covers of each of the Let's Compute magazine. As always, if demand exists for scans of a particular article/issue in its entirety, let us know and we will endeavour to provide it as soon as possible.

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Let's Compute! 001
Issue #01
(August 1990)
Let's Compute! 002
Issue #02
(September 1990)
Let's Compute! 003
Issue #03
(October 1990)
Let's Compute! 004
Issue #04
(November 1990)
Let's Compute! 005
Issue #05
(December 1990)
Let's Compute! 006
Issue #06
(January 1991)
Let's Compute! 007
Issue #07
(February 1991)
Let's Compute! 008
Issue #08
(March 1991)
Let's Compute! 009
Issue #09
(April 1991)
Let's Compute! 010
Issue #10
(May 1991)
Let's Compute! 011
Issue #11
(June 1991)
Let's Compute! 012
Issue #12
(July 1991)