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The Game

Once upon a time, there were two good wizards, Nino Qunty and Barhel Gelm. They lived in the White Castle of Nur Eracos and did good deeds for the local residents: they controlled the weather, cured people and filled in tax returns.

One day, the evil sorcerer Jefel Droot tricked Nino and Brahel into entering his lair, the Black Citadel. Here he trapped them in one of his evil dungeons, which he then filled with deadly red balloons. Luckily, all is not lost; Brahel has managed to summon his magical seesaw, and it is now up to you to save the good wizards from the evil clutches of Jefel!


The idea of the game is to use the seesaw to keep the wizards bouncing in the air, bursting the balloons with their pointed hats. To burst a balloon, a wizard must spike its underside - otherwise he will just bounce off it.

The Seesaw

Landing on different parts of the seesaw causes the wizard's flight to change. Some changes are quite subtle; others quite dramatic - the seesaw is magic!

To start with, just try moving the seesaw so that the airborne wizard lands on the 'up' end of it - the other wizard will then take off.


Balloons with burst if hit directly from below, or if the wizards land on top of them six times - but this scores fewer points.

Gaining Height

To gain height, try to make the wizard land nearer the pivot than the wizard on the seesaw. Landing further away will lose you height.

If a wizard takes off from either the end of the seesaw or right next to the pivot, he'll bounce sideways too. It is sometimes worth sacrificing a drop in the trident to go sideways.

Bounce Penalties

If a wizard fails to land on the 'up' side of the seesaw he'll lose some of his bounce.

The trident on the right of the screen will then descend. When it hits the slowly rising balloon, the game ends.


A bonus is awarded when all of the balloons on a screen have been burst.

Game Controls

Z - Move seesaw left, X - Move seesaw right, RETURN - Flip seesaw round

P - Pause/Resume


Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Released as Public Domain software On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jan 1988
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