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Bug Eyes II

Caveman Capers

"With the exception of two titles, all the software is of high quality and the package is excellent value for money."
Electron User


The dreaded bug-eyed Xxabaneans are about to attack Earth in their flagship, cunningly disguised as a meteorite. Galactic intellignce needs an agent capable of penetrating the ten booby-trapped levels of the spaceship and destroying its power source. Looks like a job for the beautiful and resourceful Space Agent Zelda - in ten screens full of contagiously addictive arcade action!
Space Agent Zelda successfully thwarted the Xxabanean attack that threatened the future of mankind. But she was subsequently captured and held prisoner by these bug-eyed aliens in the depths of a remote and desolate asteroid. Now it is that task of Agent Starman, to search the rusting hulk of the Xxabanean flagship to find the 25 keys needed to free Zelda from her intergalactic prison.
Space Ranger
A team of astronauts taking part in lunar exploration are stranded on the moon. Your job is to pilot the lunar module to make a successful landing on the moon, pick up the astronauts, and ferry them to safety. You will have to make a number of journeys, because you can only fit in one peson at a time. But there are problems - the surface of the moon is riddled with craters so you can only land on certain spots; also a freak asteroid storm is making landing and taking off extremely hazardous!
Caveman Capers
Ogg the Caveman has just found some new transport - Kickstart the tutrtle! But Kickstart doesn't like the idea and Ogg is having trouble controlling him. Help Ogg ride Kickstart, avoiding snakes, dinosaurs, pterodactyls, toadstools, potholes and other prehistoric hazards. Get him to the phone box safely so that he can phone his wife to tell her he'll be late for tea. Caveman Capers is continuous scrolling mutli-screen action with 60 levels.
The year is 2673 AD and the galaxy is once more under seige by aliens from the planet Gorfia. Your mission is to blast your way through wave upon wave of oncoming aliens, surviving long enough to take on and destroy the nerve centre of the alien attack - the Mothership! To do this you have been given command of the most advanced space fighter in the universe - theUltron! But you'll still need lightning reflexes to rise in the ranks from Cadet up to Space Master!
Wizzy's Mansion
Wizzy the wizard has over 50 rooms in his mansion, but an uninvited monster has taken over his attic. As a wizard, Wizzy is a bit incompetent and he needs your help to search his mansion for the books of spells that are lying around in various rooms. Once he has enough books he ought to be able to concoct a spell to destroy the monster. But it's not very easy to get around as Wizzy's blunderings have made all sorts of objects come to life and hinder his progress!
It's early evening in the mysterious orient. The Great Wall of China is badly in need of repair and, to make matters worse, factions opposing the Emperor have just invented gunpowder and have left bombs at various points along the wall. You are Wongo, the bomb disposal expert, and your job is to travel along the wall by pogo stick, defusing the bombs. But you will be under attack from the opposition who hurl arrows and rocks at you, and also the crumbling wall has numerous holes that you will have to negotiate. And if you don't defuse a bomb within the time limit, it will explode!

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Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Feb 1986
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