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The Last Of The Free

"Represents many hours of great fun with something to appeal to everyone."
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The Psycastria are alien beings who, having psycastrated themselves into the bodies of world leaders, have been manipulating word events and plunging humanity into terrible conflict and war, with the ultimate aim of the eventual destruction of mankind. But their secret is out, and you have been psycastrated into the body of ace flyer, Commander Ronald Boggleswick (or 'Boggles' for short). Only you can carry out the daring surprise raid on the Psycastrian installations on land, on the sea, on the moon, and finally in deep space. Superfast scrolling shoot-'em-up action in this former BBC/Electron chart topper!
Froot Raid
Win a fortune - or gamble it away! You don't need money - just your Electron. FROOT RAID is a highly authentic fruit-machine simulator, with all the features of the latest club and arcade machines. You get three fruit reels and a nudge reel, with Double or Nothing gambling of wins, plus Hold and 2-way Nudge features. A special Swap facility may let you turn a losing spin into a win! And there's always the chance of picking up bonuses, or even the jackpot, on the advancing lights of the authentic Feature Panel. You don't need money, so get spinning now!
The Last Of The Free
Arcade adventure, starring our hero, Clement, the Ordanoid droid! The Ordanoids have been enslaved and destroyed by the Proleoids, a lter model of droid with a fundamental design fault that made them too aggressive. All the Ordanoids have gone - all, that is, except Clement - the Last of the Free! Clement's mission is to escape from the Proleoids and make it to the teleport so that he can get to Earth and warn humanity about the defective Proleoids. The road to freedom is full of dangerous Proleoids, and littered with obstacles to avoid and puzzles that must be soled. Apart from hiss ability to run and jump, Clement has only one advantage - he can pick up and use objects that he finds in order to help him, but he can only carry one at a time. The Last of the Free features 55 different and complex screens, 32 different aliens with large animated sprites, music and sound, extending platforms, lifts, doors, lots of puzzles, and much more.
The Saracoids are blob-like alien life forms that float through Outer Space, taking energy from any planet that they come across. For self defence they froup together in long strings that snake down through the atmosphere in various strange formations. The warning is out that the Saracoids may soon be passing by Earth. They will undoubtedly want to stop and replensih their energy supplies. You have been given the job of manning the missible-fiting hover-launcher, with orders to prevent the Saracoids landing - for if they once touch ground they mutate, taking on a different form, and immediately home in on the nearest living thing - which in this case is you! ARACOID is 24 waves of high speed, shoot 'em up fun that will challenge your dexterity and reactions to the limit!
You are SPRECO (the SPace REfuse COllector) who has been transported by a space/time thunderstorm to an eerie castle. All you want to do is get back to Myrtle and the kids back on HomeBase 5, but here you are trapped in these strange medieval surroundings with your Assisdroids. They dislike it as much as you do and, because they think it's your fault, are decidely hostile. There are various objects littered around the castle that you can carry and use, but because of your bulky space suit you can only carry one at a time. The castle is inhabited by eight weird characters from another age. You will meet them in your search for the way out. If you help them by giving them something they need, they may help you by giving you something in return. Thunderstruck is a brain-straining arcade adventure with 100 screens, large-scale graphics, animated backgrounds, aliens, and 32 puzzles that constitute a lasting, logical challenge.
Drain Mania
Drain Mania is a game where a love of sewers is an advantge! You are Theodore, an athletic young chap who accidentally wanders into the sewage system, unaware of the dangers that lurk within. For the sewers are inhabited by deadly mutant sewer creatures who slither around the slippery tunnels. Theodore can run and jump too avoid them, but his only self-defence is to kill them by head-butting them up through the floor so that they fall over, then kicking them out of the way. To make things worse, water or fire balls are ejected from the pipes. However, coins lost down the gutters are hanging from the ceilings. These can be collected, and saved up for spending when you get out- but the question is will you ever get out?
The Stix is a bundle of energy that roams the universe destroying everything in its path. However, a freak cosmic storm has trapped the Stix in a warped hyperspace, giving you the opportunity to harness its eveil power for the good of mankind. But to keep the Stix under control you must restrict its movement by constructing fortce fields inside the hyperspace using your field synthesizers. Above all, you must not let the Stix hit an incomplete force field, otherwise neutron fusion will occur! Stix is colourful arcade action, an original theme, a game with a difference!

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Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Nov 1987
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Power Pack 2 (5.25" Disc)
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