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Sam Inglis

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"Excellently coded, great fun to play and will repay much effort in exploring the later levels."
A&B Computing

"I enjoyed my first few games, but it didn't have the power to hold my interest for long. Audiogenic must try harder."
Acorn User

"Shark is a simple and bracing shoot-anything-that-moves-before-it-gets-you type of game."
Electron User

"Colonel Shark will certainly win his share of devotees, especially among those seeking a hero to inherit the mantle of Commander Stryker."
The Micro User


The Purple Priority Warning came from all three stations simultaneously. The Intruders' three-pronged attack had caught the Earth Defence Installations unawares, allowing them to steamroller straight through the token defences and leave them on the brink of complete control.

The emergency session of the United World Parliament was in uproar. Who could save the day? Only one man had the courage, the skill, and the determination, Colonel Charles St John Sharkey, known to his friends as 'Shark'.

'Will you save us?' begged the World President.

Shark didn't have to think twice.

'I'll give it my best shot, Sir.'"

You play the role of Shark, attempting to halt the advance of the Intruders. Your mission is to penetrate deep into their ranks and strike at the heart of the invasion by destroying their Command Centres.

Your first task is to defeat their jungle offensive. Your subsequent missions may not be so straightforward...


Extra weapons/ability may be obtained by collecting the weapon packs of aliens you have destryoed. Some troops leave behind their backpacks which contain either a high velocity rifle, a machine gun, or award extra jumping ability, temporary invincibility, or occasionally extra lives.

Enemy trucks and helicopters are destroyed by sustained attack. Watch out for drivers and pilots who will try to attack you once you have destroyed their craft.

Game Controls

You can choose the main keys that are used to play the game - use whichever you prefer, but not Q, S, P, U, M or the ESCAPE key, since these are fixed keys which control game features. The default keys are Z and X to move left and right, SHIFT to jump, SPACE to duck down and RETURN to fire.

Use S and Q to turn the sound on or off, M to turn the music on or off, P to pause the game and U to resume. Pressing ESCAPE ends the current game. Press the space bar to start a new game.

Colour/Monochrome Option

The game can be played using a colour or a monochrome display. Select the black and white option if you do not have a colour monitor or TV, in which case the game will adjust the colours to make the graphics easier to discern with a monochrome display.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Oct 1988
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Shark (Cassette)
Shark (5.25" Disc)