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"At £6.95, I feel the co-ordinates program is worth it, but Lander and Number Spin are for me a waste of space."
Electron User

"All the programs are basic but adequate."
Home Computing Weekly


Junior Maths Pack is made up of three different games, all included in one program.


The first game is LANDER, in which the player must answer maths questions, of a specified type, i.e. multiplication or division, to slow the descent of the alien craft. A correct answer temporarily halts the descent.

Treasure Search

The second game is TREASURE SEARCH. A wizard has hidden four objects in different boxes in the grid. The player must locate the different treasures by specifying the X (horizontal) and the Y (vertical) co-ordinate of the box. If the box is empty, an arrow will point in the direction of the treasure. The player may choose as to whether the arrows are left on the screen or are blanked out after a certain time period. The different treasures are worth different values.

Number Spin

The third game in Junior Maths Pack is NUMBER SPIN. This is a fruit machine type game in which the player specifies the maximum Number that can appear on the reels. If the Hold square lights up above a reel the player can choose to keep the value on that reel by pressing '1' for reel one, '2' for reel two and '3' for reel three. When the reels have stopped spinning the player may get the chance to Nudge one or more of them. A winning combination of reels is if the first two reels match or if all three reels match. "+" adds to the value of the reel and "-" subtracts from the value - in each case you give the number you want to add or subtract.

If reel 1 shows 8, reel 2 shows 11 and reel 3 shows 4 and the Nudge light shows under reel 1, then press "+" followed by 3 and then RETURN (8 + 3 = 11 = reel 2).

If the Nudge light is under reel 2, press "-" followed by 3 and then RETURN (11 - 3 = 8 = reel 1).

There are also mystery payouts that can occur at any time.

Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st May 1985
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Junior Maths Pack (Cassette)
Junior Maths Pack (5.25" Disc)