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Written By David Elliot

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The objective in Swoop is to rid the space lanes of the homing, swooping Birdmen. They come in eight phases, each more difficult than the previous one. In the most difficult you have to combat two birds at once, with a total of eight missiles raining down on your laserbase.

If a Birdman gets past you, he lays an explosive egg on your laserbase track, thus restricting the room to manoeuvre. All is not lost as this disintegrates after a while.

You can select the level of difficulty at the options menu.

The Mission


A Slow-moving formation with standard-speed Birdmen.
B Slow-moving formation with fast-moving Birdmen.
C Fast-moving formation with standard-speed Birdmen.
D Fast-moving formation with fast-moving Birdmen.

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, SHIFT - Fire