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Written By David Crofts & Ian Waugh

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A realistic football simulation featuring excellent graphics, music and an intelligent opposition that actually adjusts its skill level during the game depending on current state of play.

The computer will start the game once the Space Bar is hit. You will control the closest player to the ball which will be selected each time the RETURN key is hit. If you are in possession of the ball, the RETURN key will act as the Kick key, also it will initiate a save attempt by the Goalkeeper if it is hit at the moment the ball reaches him and not before. (To kick diagonally hit relevant Up/Down key at the same time as the RETURN key) At the end of each 45 minutes period, the whistle will blow twice to signal the end of that half.

Division 1 - This utilises all the features of Goal! The Computer Team plays at various levels of skill dependent on game position.

Division 2 - This is a Beginner's Level. Various Computer Teams' skills are supressed with the difficulty level remaining at minimum during the duration of the game.

Game Controls

Z - Move Left, X - Move Right, * - Move Up, ? - Move Down
RETURN - Kick ball/Select Closest player to ball/Goalkeeper save
SPACE - Start game, COPY/DELETE - Pause/Continue game