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Written By Jason Sobell & Kevin Blake

Cover Art
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Opening Screen
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Raj is the owner of an Indian Take Away who likes to partake of his own Vindaloo curries! Unfortunately for him, he's eaten just one too many and must find the W.C. which is at the bottom of his cellar (very quickly)!

Raj's cellar is so large that it is made up of many rooms. You will have to guide him through these rooms to get to his ultimate goal.

Game Screens

  1. Under The Takeaway
  2. Look A Toerag!
  3. I've Gota Frogphone
  4. Misplaced Bitbrain
  5. Scoop De Doop
  6. Skull Level Four
  7. Got A Queen Ticket
  8. Sanderson Road
  9. Buy Inca Cola II
  10. Sort This One Out
  11. Eleventh Heaven
  12. Sick As A Parrot
  13. Lead Pipes Rule OK
  14. Dom De Dom Dom
  15. Nearly There
  16. Only Kidding
  17. Life Is An Orange
  18. Squeaky Clean
  19. Et Tu Scrooloose
  20. Spam Sandwiches
  21. Who Can It Be Now
  22. Flushed Wif Success

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, COPY/DELETE - Pause/Continue
Q - Sound Off, S - Sound On (In Pause Mode)